There are lots of places that you can find patterns in all different forms

  • Paper copies
  • Books
  • PDFs
  • Videos

But where can you find them, what do you search for, how do you know if it’s a well written/designed pattern? What rights do you have to share and sell items made from paid patterns?

Types of Crochet Pattern

Paper copies

These are the traditional way of purchasing crochet patterns. Pattern leaflets can still be found, but are mostly only printed by the big yarn brands such as Scheepjes and Sirdar. They are sold in local wool shops, by the big companies such as Deramores, second hand copies can be found on eBay, and a few independent online yarn stores occasionally carry them too.


Books of crochet patterns are usually collections of patterns by a single designer. Printed books containing collections of amigurumi and crochet square designs are popular such as 3D Granny Squares: 100 Crochet Patterns, Edwards Menagerie and Unicorns, Dragons and other fantasy amigurumi

You sometimes see very large projects published as a book, such as Sophies Universe by Dedri Uys. Many of these books are also available as ebooks for a more cost friendly option


PDF’s are now the more common method of buying a crochet pattern. If you are willing to download a pdf you will find more choice of patterns from a great deal of independent designers. Crochet pattern pdfs can be found on Etsy, Deramores, Love crafts (vetted), Ravelry, and on individual designers websites

Some of the PDF patterns from The Cool Crochet Society


Video crochet patterns are mostly found on YouTube. These video patterns are free and you crochet along with the designer. No need to be able to read patterns or charts just need to know how to crochet the stitches in the pattern and follow the directions in the video.

Tip: Write down the time stamp of where you finish for the day so you can pick up your place again the next time easily.

There are many places you can source crochet patterns, but how do you find recomendations, or know whats new?

If you have a favourite designer then take a look at their website. They often have a signup for their newsletter, which will contain news of new patterns.

If you are looking for new designers or want to try a new technique or stithc, then visit some Facebook crochet groups and ask for recomendations, you will find plenty of fellow crocheters willing to help. Another place to look is on Ravelry, their daily top 10 lists the most popular patterns that day. Pinterest is another great place to look, although it can be like disappearing down the rabbit hole its a great place to find new ideas.

How to tell if it’s a good pattern? If you are on a site such as Ravelry or Etsy, you can check the pattern reviews and see what experience others have had with the pattern. Facebook groups are a great place to ask for others experience with a pattern. If you post in some of the big groups with over 100,000 followers you are likely to find someone who has made the pattern before.

Pattern Sharing Etiquette

If someone asks you for the pattern you’ve used, you can’t just send them the files over, especially if it’s a paid pattern. This is illegal and infringes on the designers copyright. You can sell finished items made from paid patterns, but it is polite to credit the designer in your listing.

If its a free pattern, share the link not the actual pattern. This allows the designer to get revenue from ads on their blog, or let’s them see how many downloads they are getting to gauge how popular the pattern is – they may use this data to decide what paid patterns it is worth their time to create.

Do you use patterns in a different form to any of the above, or have another source for buying patterns? Come over to our Facebook group and let us know.

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