Week One Of The Ray Of Hope Crochet Along

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Welcome to week 1 of the Ray Of Hope crochet along. I’m so excited to finally be getting started. We’ll be starting the central mandala, and week 1 will see the first 8 rounds completed.

The free pattern is below, but if you’d like the ad free printable version, it is available either as part of my Lifetime Pattern Pass, or you can purchase it on its own for £5 from Ravelry

If you would like to follow my colour scheme, you can find the list of colours in both Scheepjes Softfun and Stylecraft Special DK in this document here

The pattern is written in US terms, but the UK translation is below in brackets along with the abbreviations we will be using

  • Slip stitch = slst
  • Chain = ch
  • Single crochet (double crochet) = sc
  • Half double crochet (half treble crochet) = hdc
  • Double crochet (treble crochet) = dc
  • Front Post double crochet (front post treble crochet) = fpdc
  • Back post double crochet (back post treble crochet) = bpdc

The Pattern

Using a 4mm hook start by making a Magic circle

Round 1. With Colour A, Ch 2 (doesn’t count as a st). Inside the magic circle make *3dc, ch1* repeat between *and* 4 more times. Join into the 1st dc with a slip stitch – 15 dc

Round 2. Ch 1. Make a fpdc around the 1st dc of round 1. Then, sc in the next stitch then fpdc in the next st. Ch1. *fpdc in next st, sc in the next stitch, fpdc in the next st. Ch1*

repeat between *and* slip stitch into the first fpdc, changing colour to colour B in the last 2 loops of the stitch – 10fpdc

Don’t cut your yarn, you will be picking it up again later.

Round 3. With colour B. Ch 1. *Fpdc around the fpdc in round 2. Ch1, sc in the next st, ch1, fpdc around the fpdc in round 2. Ch 2*

repeat between *and* slst into the 1st fpdc. – 10fpdc

Round 4. Ch1. *Fpdc around fpdc in round 3. Hdc in ch1 sp. Ch1, skip the sc then hdc into the Ch sp.

Fpdc around the fpdc. In the ch2 space make (hdc, ch1, hdc) into the same chain space*

repeat between *and* Slst into the 1st fpdc while changing colours back to colour A.

Round 5. Ch1. *Fpdc around fpdc in round 4. In Ch 1 space make (dc, Ch 2, dc) all in the same space,

then fpdc in the next fpdc, sc in the next stitch, then sc spike stitch in the ch1 space in round 1, sc*

Repeat between *and* then slip stitch into the 1st fpdc and cut off.

Round 6. With colour C, join with a standing bpdc around the post of the fpdc after any spike stitch.

bpdc around the next stitch which is a dc, *Ch 3, bpdc around the next 3 stitches, ch1 (this should be directly above the spike stitch), bpdc around the next 3 stitches*

repeat between *and* bpdc in the last stitch of the round, then slst into the standing bpdc

Round 7. Slst into the ch 3 space. *Make a sc then a dc, spike stitch into round 4 but pull it up higher than a dc. In the same chain space make a dc, then a sc.

Skip 3 stitches, then in the ch 1 sp make 9 dc – a shell, skip the next 3 stitches*

repeat between *and* then slst into the 1st sc. Cut off – 5 shells in the round

Round 8. With colour C make a standing sc in the dc after the 9dc. *In the spike stitch make a sc 

Sc in next 2 St, slst into the first dc. Ch 5 and slst into the last dc, slip the chain around the back of the shell from round 7 

Sc in the next st* repeat between *and* then slst into the standing sc. 

Cut off your yarn and weave in your ends. 

Week 1 is complete. At this point mine measures around 10cm. Gauge isn’t important for this project, but this just gives you an idea if yours will turn out much smaller or larger than my finished blanket of 1.25 meters wide.

If you have any questions, or just want to join in the chatter, come on over to our super friendly and helpful Facebook group – The Ray Of Hope CAL group

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