The corner to corner (C2C) is a quick to stitch to make up, and is popular for making large blankets. The proper name for this stitch is the Diagonal Box stitch, but in recent years has more often been called the C2C stitch.

Each set of stitches creates a block which is square, so perfect for making graphed out designs – graphgans

The C2C is made in diagonal rows, so you start by making a corner, and increase the number of blocks in each row until you have the length and width you need, then you start decreasing again until you finish with the last corner block.

This stitch is made in multiples of 3, and a 6 chain foundation

You can find the links for all the squares in the crochet along here. The free pattern is below, but if you’d like the ad free printable version, it is available either as part of my Lifetime Pattern Pass, or you can purchase it on its own for £5 from Ravelry

UK translation

Double crochet = treble crochet

The Pattern

For this square you will need a 4mm hook

Row 1. Chain 6. In the 4th chain from your hook make a dc. Dc in next 2 chains.


Row 2. Chain 6, Dc in 4th chain from your hook. Dc in next 2 chains. Slst into the turning chain of the previous row (this should be sitting on the side furthest away from you). Chain 3, in the same turning chain that you made the slst make 3 dc.

The turning chain of each block acts as a foundation chain for a block in the next row.


Row 3. Chain 6, Dc in 4th chain from your hook. Dc in next 2 chains. *Slst into the turning chain of the last block in previous row. Chain 3, in the same turning chain make 3 dc* repeat in the side of all squares from the previous row.

Rows 4-10. Repeat row 3


Row 11. This is where we start the decrease.

Slst in the top of all 3 dc in the first square. Slst into the 2nd Square. *Chain 3 and in the same turning chain make 3 dc* repeat in the side of all squares from the previous row except the last one. 

To decrease your rows, slip stitch in the top of each of the dc of the last block of the previous row. Slip stitch into the turning chain then carry on the pattern as before


Repeat row 11 until you only have 1 block left.

You should have 10 blocks on each side of your square

If you want to change colour during your square, just attach your new colour during the last dc of any block, then just carry on as per the pattern.

To change colour, add the new colour in the last 2 loops of the last dc of the block

Tie off and weave in your ends

The Border

Join with a standing sc in the top of any dc. You need to make 3 sc in each block on each side.

You should have 30 sc down each side, plus an extra stitch in each corner for the turn. This will make your stitch count as 32 stitches across each side and 124 stitches total (remember the extra stitch corner stitch is counted in the stitch count for both sides)

You have now finished your square and join and you can tie off and weave in the ends

You can now add the interlocking border, joining this weeks square to last weeks as you join. You can see how to do this here

If you have any questions about the pattern or the CAL, then come on over to the Facebook group – 50 Stitches where you can show us your completed squares too.

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