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Week 34 of the Ray Of Hope crochet along features the German Shells Stitch. A shell stitch that is more angular than rounded

The free pattern is below, but if you’d like the ad free printable version, it is available either as part of my Lifetime Pattern Pass, or you can purchase it on its own for £5 from Ravelry

If you would like to follow my colour scheme, you can find the list of colours in both Scheepjes Softfun and Stylecraft Special DK in this document here

The pattern is written in US terms, but the UK translation is below in brackets along with the abbreviations we will be using

  • Single crochet (double crochet) = sc
  • Half double crochet (half treble crochet) = hdc
  • Double crochet (treble crochet) = dc
  • Treble crochet (double treble crochet) = tr

The Pattern

You will need a 3.5mm hook for this piece

With Colour Q make a chain of 81.

Row 1. In the 4th chain from your hook make a hdc (turning chain counts as your first hdc) *chain 3, skip the next 3 chains and make a hdc in the next stitch. Ch 1, skip the next chain, then make a hdc* repeat between *and* and make a hdc in the last stitch – 79 stitches

Row 2. Turn, chain 1 and sc in the first stitch. *ch2, make 3dc in the chain 3 space. Ch2, make a sc in the ch1 space* repeat between *and* sc in the last stitch – 105 stitches / 13 sets of dc

Row 3. Turn, chain 1 and make the treble alternate turning chain then ch1 skip the 1st chain space, *in the 1st dc make a hdc, Ch 1, skip the next dc and hdc in the 3rd dc. Ch3 and skip the next chain space, skip the sc and skip the 2nd chain space* repeat between *and* ch 1 and make a tr in the last stitch – 79 stitches

Row 4. Turn, chain 1 make the alternate chain in the first stitch. Dc in the chain 1 space. *ch2, sc in the chain 1 space, ch2, make 3 dc in the chain 3 space* repeat between *and* then chain 2 and dc in the ch1 space, then dc in the last stitch – 105 stitches / 12 blocks of dc

Row 5. Turn, chain 1. Make the alternate turning chain in the first stitch, then hdc in next stitch. *ch3, skip the chain spaces and the sc, hdc in the 1st of the 3 dc, ch1 and skip the next stitch, hdc in the last of the 3 dc* repeat between *and* hdc in the last stitch – 79 stitches

Rows 6-8. Repeat rows 2-4

The Border

With a 4mm hook, join with Colour E (your joining colour) and make a slst into the side of each sc and hdc row and 2 slst into the side of every dc and tr row down the short end. Along the long side, make 1 slst in every dc and sc, and make 1 slst in every chain space.

You will have 14 slst across the short ends and 79 slst across each long side.

Weave in your ends, and join the piece to week 33

To see how to join the pieces together click here

If you have any questions, or just want to join in the chatter, come on over to our super friendly and helpful Facebook group – The Ray Of Hope CAL group

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