Week 3 of the 50 Stitches CAL – Camel Stitch

It’s week 3, and after last weeks challenge we’re going back to something simple.

The Camel stitch is just half double crochet worked into the 3rd loop. It creates a lovely ribbed texture that you can use as cuffs for jumpers, or on hats. There are 2 ways to do the camel stitch, I’ll show you both so you can decide which to use.

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For this square you need a 4.5mm hook

UK Translation

Half Double Crochet (Hdc) = half treble crochet

We’ll start with the simplest version of the camel stitch.

The Pattern

For your foundation row chain 32. Turn

Your turning chain will count as your first half double crochet (Hdc)

Row 1. Hdc in the 4th chain from your hook (the 29th foundation chain) Hdc in each chain across.

You will have 30 stitches


Row 2. Chain 1, Alternate dc turning chain (this will count as a Hdc) – makes this stitch in the back 2 loops to stabilise the edges.

Hdc in each stitch across IN BACK 3RD LOOP ONLY.

The 3 loops of the Hdc

The texture will be on both sides of your square.

In the final stitch of the row make your hdc in the back 2 loops to stabilise the edge of the square.


For rows 3-15 repeat row 2.

You should end up with a square looking like this

I recommend blocking your square now.

For a more heavily ribbed square, where all the texture is on one side only, you use the front loop as well as the 3rd loop.

This works by alternating between rows of Hdc in the back loop, and a row of Hdc in the front loop. This will put all of the texture on the front of the square leaving the back plain.

So row 1 you would do as the pattern above, row 2 you would make your Hdc in the front loop only

Rows 3 – 15 repeat rows 1 and 2

In the odd numbered rows you will be using the back loop, in the even numbered rows you will be using the front loop.

This gives a more heavily textured effect

The Border

Single crochet in each stitch on the top and bottom of the square. For the sides you will need to make 2 sc in the side of each hdc. Remember to add an extra stitch in the corners for the turn.

The Interlocking Border

If you are joining as you go, we need to add the interlocking border and weave it into the border of the bobble stitch square so they are joined together.

Start the border in the extra corner stitch on the bottom left hand side with a standing single crochet, and single crochet in the next corner stitch.

*Chain 4, skip the next 3 stitches, single crochet in the next two stitches* repeat this pattern across the bottom edge until you reach the next corner (you should have 6 loops). Make a single crochet in all 3 corner stitches. Carry on the pattern above. Do this for 3 sides.

When you get to the top left corner, single crochet in the 3 corner stitches then chain 4. Pull up a loop, then insert your hook into the top right loop of the seed stitch square. Hook the loop from your chain 4 and pull it up through the bobble stitch loop. Pull your loop tight, skip 3 and single crochet in the next 2 stitches of the camel stitch square.

You should have joined the first 2 loops together. Repeat this for all 6 loops until you get back to the bottom left hand corner. Single crochet in the corner stitch, and join into the standing stitch.

You have now finished your square and join and you can tie off and weave in the ends

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  1. I purchased this pattern on the 13th. However, I am not getting any updates. There should have been one new stitch since then.

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