The Stitch Vault

Welcome to the Stitch Vault. Here you will find lots of different crochet stitches with full directions on how to make them.

There are hundreds of different crochet stitches that you can try, and incorporate into your work. I will be adding more stitches to the vault all the time, so remember to keep checking back to see whats new.

The following stitches are currently in the vault, you can access each one by clicking on the name:

Alpine crochet stitch
Alpine stitch

Alpine Stitch

A highly textured crochet stitch made using front post stitches

Amostra crochet stitch
Amostra Stitch

Amostra Stitch

A simple lace crochet stitch

Apache Tears crochet stitch
Apache Tears stitch

Apache Tears

Simpler than it looks, made using the mosaic technique

Celtic Weave Stitch

Celtic Weave

A challenging cable stitch, but it never fails to impress

Spider Stitch

Spider Stitch

A tight, hole free crochet stitch

Single Herringbone

Single Herringbone

A challenging stitch that gives a unique chevron look

Turkish stitch

Turkish Stitch

Also known as the Angora stitch. A beautiful stitch made with puffs

Moss Stitch

Moss Stitch

Also known as Linen and Granite stitch. A super easy interlocking stitch

Bead stitch

Bead Stitch

A beautiful stitch made by wrapping stitches around the post

4 Pointed Star stitch

4 Pointed Star Stitch

Also known as the Simple Margeurite stitch, this beautiful stitch is a bit tricky but worth the effort

Triads Stitch

Triads Stitch

A really easy and unusual stitch, it makes a lovely thick fabric

Pineapple stitch

Pineapple Stitch

A super easy type of Puff stitch

Cable stitch

Cable Stitch

An unsual stitch with a diagonal cable

Chequerboard Stitch

Chequerboard Stitch

Simple to make by carrying 2 colours at the same time

Corner to Corner crochet stitch
Corner to Corner stitch

Corner To Corner

A popular, quick to make stitch for blankets

Embossed Posts crochet stitch
Embossed Block

Embossed Block

Looks like bricks with Tunisian crochet posts

Limpet Stitch

Limpet Stitch

Creates an unusual detail to feature on your creations

Picot stitch

Picot Stitch

A popular stitch for creating simple but pretty edges for projects

Uneven Berry stitch

Uneven Berry

A pretty bobble type stitch that creats a beautiful texture

Waffle crochet stitch
Waffle stitch

Waffle Stitch

A thick and hole free stitch, popular for baby blankets

The X stitch

X Stitch

An unusual stitch that crosses double crochet stitches to create the look

Diamond stitch

Diamond Stitch

Creates a raised diamond lattice. A challenging stitch

Bobblet Stitch

Bobblet Stitch

A Highly textured with lots of raised mini bobbles

Floating Boxes stitch

Floating Boxes

An easy stitch but looks stunning with little accents of colour

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