The Spider stitch

The Spider stitch makes a delicate gentle texture, but is a hole free stitch. It’s the perfect stitch for any project needing a delicate texture. It also looks great with a single row of a different colour, adding a zigzag of colour to the piece.

The Spider stitch featured in week 40 of the 50 Stitches crochet along

This pattern is written in US terms, but the UK translation is below.

UK Translation

Single crochet (sc) = double crochet

The Pattern

Start with a foundation chain of 2 plus 2 (plus 1 for your turning chain)

Row 1. In the 3rd chain from your hook make a sc (turning chain counts as a stitch) chain 1 and sc into the same stitch as the previous sc. Skip the next chain *in the next stitch (sc, chain 1, sc)*

Repeat between *and* when you have 2 chains left, skip 1 and sc in the last chain.

The order your stitches are made. Sc, chain 1, sc


Row 2. Chain 1 and sc in the first stitch. In the first chain 1 space in row 1 make (sc, chain 1, sc). *In the next chain space (sc, chain 1, sc)* repeat between *and* sc in the last stitch

What row 2 looks like


Rows 3 – 24. Repeat row 2 until you reach the desired length.

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