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The Picot stitch is a great way of adding a simple border or finishing touch to a crochet project.

It is such an easy stitch to make and can be added above any crochet stitch for a beautiful finish. I’ve used it here to edge this shawl. I used Rico Cotton Degrade to make this shawl. This yarn is a fingering weight cotton/acrylic blend and kept the border really simple by just adding picots above the final row of stitches. You can find the chart I used to make this shawl on Pinterest here

Shawl finished with the Picot stitch

How To Make The Picot Stitch

The Picot stitch is added after the stitch below has been made – your base stitch. In the video below I show you how to make it above Single crochet and Double crochet stitches, although it can be added above any other crochet stitch of your choice too.

First make the stitch you want to add the picot above, this is your base stitch – I’ve used single crochet in these pictures. Then chain 3.

chain 3 to start your picot

Bring your hook to the right of the stitch and insert your hook into the front loop of the base stitch, then on through the side loop of the stitch.

insert hook into the top loop and side loop

Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on your hook. Your picot is complete.

pull through all loops

Once you make your next stitch, your picot will straighten up

finished picot stitch

That’s all there is to the Picot stitch. It may be small and simple, but its a great way to add a simple finishing touch to any project.

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