The alpine stitch creates a really thick texture, great for bags and baskets. Anything that requires sturdy sides, would suit this stitch.

The Alpine stitch is a single sided, as we keep all the texture on the front by adding a row of single crochet between the front post rows. The fabric it creates is quite thick with no holes, so it makes for beautifully warm winter garments.

The Alpine stitch featured in week 5 of the 50 Stitches crochet along

This pattern is written in US terms, but the UK translation is below

UK translation

Single crochet (sc) = double crochet

Double crochet (dc) = treble crochet

Front post double crochet (fpdc) = front post treble crochet

The Pattern

Start by making a foundation chain in multiples of 2 plus 1 ( plus 2 for your turning chain)

Row 1. Dc in 4th chain from your hook (your turning chain counts as your first stitch) dc in each chain across


Row 2. chain 1 and single crochet in each stitch across. You will have the same number of stitches as in row 1.


Row 3. Make the alternate turning chain in the first stitch (counts as your first stitch)  front post double crochet in next stitch (yarn over and insert your hook in the post of the double crochet directly below in row 1 from right to left. Pull through a loop, now complete your dc as normal).

Where your hook goes to make a front post stitch

*Dc in next stitch, then make a fpdc in the next stitch* repeat across the row. Dc in last 2 stitches.


The back of the Alpine stitch during row 3
A ridge will develop on the back of your work while making the fodc, dc rows
Row 3 of the Alpine stitch
Your row of fpdc/dc will look like this. Always start and end with a dc

Row 4. Chain 1, sc in top of the last dc of the row below. Sc in each stitch across.


Row 5. alternate turning chain, *dc in next stitch, fpdc in next stitch* repeat across the row. Dc in last stitch. 14 fpdc in the row.


Repeat rows 2 – 5 until you reach the length you need.

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