I love quick little crochet patterns like this Simple Star crochet pattern. There is so much you can do with little crochet motifs like these:

  • Use to Applique
  • Make them into a garland
  • Jewellery
  • Hair clips
  • Keyrings

And so much more. I’ve used this simple star crochet pattern in a variety of projects. I could use it in more besides, but here are a few of my favourite ways to use this star crochet pattern

Keep reading for the free star crochet pattern both as a written guide with pictures, and full video


I couldn’t resist getting the googly eyes out for this one. Adding a keyring blank is super easy, you just thread it onto your yarn before you start the pattern, then bring it onto your hook when you get to the end of the points in the final round.

These make brilliant homemade crochet stocking fillers. You can get both the keyring blanks and the googly eyes pretty cheaply from Amazon

The biggest question is, are these little stars singing or have they been surprised?


Applique motifs can take a simple project and make it look simply stunning.

Here I sewed 3 stars onto a simple corner to corner baby comforter that I made using Caron Cakes. I changed colours for the final round of the star motif pattern to get that contrasting edging on the stars.


How about turning your star into a piece of jewellery?

Here I attached a plated silver jump ring into the middle sc at the end of one of the points, and then threaded it onto a chain. A brilliant way of creating a unique piece of crochet jewellery that will be admired by all.


I love these bookmarks. They are so simple to make by sewing a jumbo sized paperclip to the back of the star.

You will never loose your book place again with these super cute markers, and you could make them doubly cute with some googly eyes too.

The Simple Crochet Star Pattern

This simple crochet star pattern is made in just 3 rounds. It has 5 points, and is made in one piece. This would be easy to turn into a six pointed star if you prefer by adding an extra repeat in round 1.

Round 1. Make a magic circle, then chain 2 (this doesn’t count as a stitch) *make 3 hdc in the loop then chain 1* repeat between *and* until you have 5 sets of repeats. Slst into the first hdc

Round 2. Turn your work over and slst into the chain 1 space immediately to the left.

*Chain 5, then in the 2nd chain from your hook make a sc. Hdc in the next chain, then dc, then htr. Slst into the next chain 1 space.*

Repeat between *and* until you have 5 points and have slst into the beginning ch1 space.

Round 3. *In the chain that you worked the htr, make a sc. 

Sc into the bottom of each stitch. Into the top of the sc, make 3sc in the same stitch.

Sc in each of the next 3 stitches. Slst into the slst* 

repeat between *and* until all 5 points have been worked around and slst into the beginning slst.

Tie off, weave in the rail from your magic circle, but the finishing tail should be left long (around 10 inches) so you can use it to sew your star onto your ray. 

If you enjoyed this simple star pattern, you might like this easy heart motif pattern too.

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