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This is a super easy pattern for a double thickness potholder, that is great to do if you want to just crochet without having to think about anything.

This super simple pattern creates a thick oven pad which will protect your hands and worktops from most heat sources.

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I’m using Rico Cotton Creative Print Aran and a 4mm hook for this pattern, but you can use any 100% cotton of your choice, just choose a hook size that gives you a tight no holes fabric.

My yarn and hook choice

You need to use 100% cotton for this as cotton is heat resistant and won’t melt like synthetic yarns such as acrylic

Start by making a chain that will be the diagonal length of your pad. I’m making a chain of 41 which made my pad 16 x 16cm. You can adjust your chain to any length if you prefer a smaller or bigger hot pad.

In the 3rd chain from your hook make a sc. 

starting chain

Sc in each stitch in the chain. When you get to the end of the chain, make a sc in the other side of your chain. This will make your row start to pinch at the end, which is what you want to see. Then carry on down the other side making a sc in each stitch. 

pinching at the end of the chain
The pinching at the end is the second side of the pad starting to form

When you get to your beginning sc, make a sc in the top and carry on making a sc in each stitch.

Keep on like this, as if you’re crocheting in the round in a spiral. You will start to see the corners at the ends of your foundation chain start to fold over to create 2 pockets. These pockets will eventually meet in the middle to form the other side of your pad.

the 2 sides forming a pocket

Keep going until both sides are square and meet in the middle. 

Once your sides meet, finish your stitches in the corner where the sides meet and leave a length of yarn twice as long as your pad. You can then whip stitch the sides together without having to join another piece of yarn.

the 2 sides will meet in the middle
Whip stitch the 2 sides together
Pull your yarn tight when whip stitching

Weave in your ends and you’re done!

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