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Not a member yet? Let me tell you what The Crochet Lounge has to offer

Do you want to be able to crochet with confidence?

Do you want to be sure that you can take on any well written crochet pattern, whether it be written or charted and be confident that you can complete the project and have it turn out like the designers pictures?

The Crochet Lounge will help you achieve just that.

“Under your tutoring I feel like I could now almost conquer any pattern!” – Carol, MI

You’ve learnt the basics and mastered some simple stitches, now you want to take your crochet skills up a notch. You want to try some more advanced techniques, tackle more complex patterns and be confident that your finished creation will look like the designers piece.

The Crochet Lounge is here to guide and support you as you tackle all these new things.

This is not a learn to crochet course. This isn’t where I send you a bunch of written lessons and a few videos and just leave you to it.

This is a community of crocheters, all looking to become crochet confident. To be able to tackle any project or technique that takes your fancy, to have the confidence to tryout any new stitch whether it be written, charted or in symbols.

“You have been able to teach me out of my comfort zone” – Linda, NC

In The Crochet Lounge you will find:

– A private Facebook group where you can ask any and all crochet questions.

– Monthly live Q&A calls where you can ask any questions you have and chat with fellow Loungers

– New content added regularly with tips, tricks and stitch tutorials. The new content is guided by your questions. If you tell me you need it, I’ll create it.

– Have your work checked and reviewed to give you peace of mind that you’re on the right track

– Free crochet patterns that we will work step by step together so you can be confident on how to read the patterns and create the stitches and techniques used.

– Just £15 per month, with no minimum subscription, you can leave at any time

Who Am I?

I’m Kelly, of The Cool Crochet Society. I started crocheting too many years ago to mention, and I learnt it all the hard way.

I used YouTube and blog posts all found through Google search. some of them only taught me half the picture, others I could have really used some personalised help and a place to ask the many questions I had. It took years of trial and error for me to learn my crochet skills before I eventually had enough confidence in my skills to start selling my crochet creations.

Now I design and sell my own crochet patterns and have been helping others to push their skills through my crochet alongs, which feature dozens of different stitches.

Now I want to take that support to the next level and make you as confident in your crochet as I am.

What kind of skills will you find in The Crochet Lounge?

We have tutorials and walk throughs on things like foundationless chains, choosing eye pleasing yarn colour combinations and invisible stitches.

We will also be covering how to read crochet patterns, whether it be written, charts or symbols. How to adjust the size of clothing to suit your measurements, how to get straight edges and so much more.

Each months topics are dictated by you, and I’ll be adding patterns into the lounge too that will help you practice your new skills and understanding of the noble art of crochet.


I’m brand new to crochet, is the lounge right for me? The Crochet Lounge is for those who have mastered the basics and want to take their crochet to the next level. If you are confident creating easy stitches such as Granny, V and Moss stitch but want support to tackle more complex things, then The Crochet Lounge is for you

Is this one of those courses where I buy but get no 1 on 1 support? The Crochet Lounge offers group support calls but you can post all the questions you need in the Facebook group and get your questions answered by me on a daily basis.

Will I learn how to make lots of stitches? The Crochet Lounge is designed to give you the confidence to tackle anything crochet related. I will help you decipher crochet terms, how the placement of stitches is described, so that you can tackle any pattern or stitch instructions and be confident that you know what it means. I will of course be sharing lots of different stitches that you can try.

Am I tied into the membership for a set time? No. You can stay for as long or as short a time as you want. It is a monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time. There is no minimum sign up period.

How is this membership different from a course? The support and the community. Most courses send you the learning material and then that’s is, you’re on your own. Not here. The Crochet Lounge offers you the opportunity to ask all the questions you need, get to know your fellow members and make new connections as well as joining us on our monthly live calls to chat and get your questions answered by me there and then.

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