We’re going to be joining the pieces by slip stitching through a single loop of the border of each piece.

We’ll be using a 3.5mm hook to join everything

How It’s Done

Let’s start with the narrow end of a rectangle piece.

Line it up with the hdc over the 2nd of the 2 hdc in the same stitch in round 26 of the mandala.

To attach to the mandala we’ll be working into the 3rd loop only of round 27.

Using colour E (your joining colour) make a slip knot onto your hook. In the left hand corner stitch of your rectangle, insert your hook into the outside loop only. You want to insert your hook from the top of the loop, so it’s pointing towards your mandala.

Keep your working yarn underneath your hook, between the 2 pieces.

Now insert your hook into the 3rd loop of round 27, again going from.the top to the bottom do your hook is between the 2 pieces.

Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops.

Continue this in every stitch. You should have 14 stitches, and finish in the hdc above the 1st 2hdc in the same stitch in round 26.

Now we’re going to attach the triangle ray. These don’t attach directly to the mandala, they only attach to the rectangle pieces.

Continuing on from the short end, slip stitch into the 1st stitch on the long end in the outside loop only.

In the next stitch insert your hook into the outside loop, then keeping your working yarn under your hook and between the 2 pieces, insert your hook into the outside loop of the last stitch at the pointed end of your ray.

Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on your hook. Repeat for every stitch along the rays.

There will often be extra stitches along one of the pieces. This is easily sorted. 

On the piece with less stitches, make your next stitch through the same loop as your last stitch, but on the piece with more stitches go through the next loop. This will start to even out your count.

Leave a few normal stitches between before you do this again, and this evening out won’t be visible once your finished.

You can see how this is done at the end of the video

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