How To Crochet and Where to Start – Podcast episode 1

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Crochet is a great craft to choose as a hobby. It’s cheap to get started, there are lots of free online resources to teach you and you can do it in your comfy spot on the couch – no complicated set up or special space required.

But all that choice of yarn, hooks, online information can be so overwhelming. What are the absolute basics you need to start?


The very first thing you should do us choose your yarn. Its better to choose something you like the feel of as this will make things easier for you, after all you are going to be handling this stuff a lot so you should be comfortable with it. Choose a light coloured yarn as this will make it easier to see the holes you will be worming into – black is the worst choice you can make when learning.

Avoid fluffy yarns like mohair, as these are harder to work with and the fluff will obscure your holes.

You can choose any thickness you like, but chunkier will make it easier. The brand of yarn and fibre type are not important. All you need to consider at this point is that you like the feel of it, it’s on the chunky side and it’s a light colour. The yarns in this link are good ones to consider


You can buy crochet hooks singly, or you can purchase a cheap starter set of basic steel hooks, such as this set from Amazon

You’re going to need a hook that matches your yarn. On the panel of your yarn, orin the description of you’re buying online, you will find a box with a hook or needle size (see picture). This is the size of hook recommended for this yarn.

The hook size you need is on the yarn label in the purple circle. For this yarn you need a 4mm hook

Stitch markers

You’re going to need something to help you keep track of your stitches. It’s really easy to loose track of your start and end stitches so you need to mark them. You don’t need anything special, you can use a hair grip or a safety pin, but you can buy pretty charm like stitch markers too. You will need at least 2 for every project.

These are the only purchases you need to make to start crocheting.

What Should I Learn First?

The next step is where to learn from. If you don’t have someone who can help you in person (which makes learning much easier) there are lots of YouTube videos to help you here. My advice is to watch a few by different channels and see which style of teaching suits you best. The way one person explains it may make more sense to you than another.

Other than my own YouTube channel, other popular crochet channels with beginner tutorials are Bella Coco, Good Knit Kisses and Happy Berry Crochet

I have a YouTube channel with short videos going over the basic stitches. Crochet only has 6 basic stitches, and if you learn these then you will be able to tackle 90% of the other stitches out there.

The basic stitches are:

Once you have learnt the basics, you are ready to try a pattern. A single stitch pattern may be the best way. I suggest a simple pot holder or a C2C blanket as your first project.

With crochet everything takes practice. Your stitches will become more consistent as you learn to control your yarn tension better. Keep practising, experiment with different stitches. Don’t be dishesrtened with your first attempts you will get better.

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