The Floating Boxes crochet stitch is also known as the Block crochet stitch. It’s a simple 2 row repeating pattern that makes it look like the blocks of stitches are floating free.

This stitch can be made in a single colour, or multiple colours can be used to make the single crochet a stand out as accents of colour.

This stitch makes good breathable blankets and scarves. It works up quickly and makes a great crochet stitch for beginners.

The Floating Boxes Crochet Stitch Pattern

Start with a foundation chain in multiples of 5 plus 2 (plus 2 for your turning chain)

Row 1. In the 5th chain from your hook make a dc (the turning chain counts as a dc and chain 1), dc in the next 3 chains *chain 1, skip a chain, dc in each of the next 4 chains* repeat between *and* until you have 2 chains left. 

Chain 1, skip a chain, dc in the last chain and change colour in the last 2 loops.

Row 2. Turn, chain 1, sc in the first stitch, sc around the chain 1 space. *chain 4, sc in the next chain 1 space* repeat between *and* sc in the last stitch

Row 3. Turn and make the alternate turning chain in the 1st stitch. *chain 1, make 4dc around the 4 chain* repeat between *and* chain 1 then dc in the last stitch, changing colour in the last 2 loops

Repeat rows 2 and 3, ending in a repeat of row 3, until you reach the length you need.

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