The Cool Crochet Society

Crochet Patterns And Tutorials To Build Your Confidence In Your Crochet Skills

Hi! I’m Kelly of The Cool Crochet Society and I love to try out different crochet stitches and techniques.

Would you like to have the confidence to try out any crochet project that catches your eye? Well that is what I want to help you to do, with crochet alongs, patterns and tutorials to help you become crochet confident.

                  The Crochet Lounge Membership

In The Crochet Lounge we work towards being crochet confident – Having the confidence to tackle any crochet pattern in any technique knowing that you have the ability to decipher the pattern and recreate the designers vision.

If you feel you have mastered the basics and want to take your crochet skills to the next level, take a look at my crochet membership – The Crochet Lounge.

                                                                              Crochet Along Patterns

Are you looking for a crochet pattern with lots of different crochet stitches? Then take a look at my free crochet alongs.

My first crochet along, The 50 Stitches featured 50 different stitches made in individual squares and then joined together. The Ray Of Hope is a circular crochet blanket designed to be like a stained glass window.

Both crochet alongs have full picture patterns, and are supported by video tutorials to help guide you through the stitches.