About The Cool Crochet Society

Welcome to The Cool Crochet Society. Here you will find anything and everything crochet. From how to videos, patterns designed by yours truly, crochet alongs, and everything hooker related

I’m Kelly, I started the Society in August 2019 to help others learn the art of crochet, and to make the switch from selling my creations to becoming a crochet pattern designer.

Since then I have created lots of tutorials for beginners, all available for free on my YouTube channel, I also have designed and published my first patterns and started my first crochet along in the 50 Stitches CAL

I can’t wait to see where my crochet journey takes me next, but I will always be here to help you get started with crochet and help you learn new skills. You can come and ask any crochet related questions over in our Facebook group which is open to all.

You can sign up to my newsletter to receive news about new patterns, upcoming projects and interesting updates from the crochet and yarny world

You can find how to video tutorials on my YouTube channel. In the Learn To Crochet playlist you will find tutorials on the crochet basics like how to hold your hook and how to make the basic stitches.

You can also find the 50 Stitches playlist over on YouTube which has all the tutorials on how to make all the stitches in the 50 Stitches crochet along that started in January 2020.

Why not have a look around the site and see what else you can find that takes your interest. The tags below might be of interest, just click the tag to go to that page.

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